Perfect Option for the Prevention of Hair Damage from the Sun

If you protect your skin from sun damage, you tend to forget that your hair, too, suffers from the harmful effects of summer. Sun, salt, sand … while you bulge, your mane drooling. Sun protection spray, after-sun repair shampoo or nourishing hair mask, we have selected for you the best of solar hair products to spend the summer protected from head to toe!

It’s summer and you are thinking of preparing your hair for summer! Protect your skin from UV, we know. Sun creams, protective sprays or after-sun repairers, everything is in the bag.

The sun dries the hair fiber, degrades the cuticle and impoverishes the color of the hair, hence the natural lightening of blond hair, for example. It is therefore necessary to protect your hair from the sun’s rays so that they retain their vitality.

hair damage from the sun

The care to adopt to prevent the harmful effects of the sun

Two or three months before going to the sun, take a course of hair anti hair loss supplements to strengthen the natural defenses of your hair and give them energy. On site, before each sunbath, remember to apply protective oil, a real anti-UV shield for protecting your hair from the sun. Renew the application after each swim.

Colored hair: special warning

To prevent the color from fading, you can shampoo with natural pigments to restore radiance to your color. Then apply a refreshing and nourishing mask that you will leave for five minutes rolling the hair in a warm towel. If possible, space your shampoos for a day minimum.

Adopt the right gestures

You are on vacation, your hair too! Protect them by wearing a hat, scarf or cap and lift your foot on brushings, smoothings and other texturing styling products. Enjoy the shape they will naturally take over the days to adopt any kind of wavy hairstyle. On return from vacation before returning to pollution and find stress, give your hair a nourishing care and revitalizing. Not to mention a refresh coloring to give them some pep.

protect the hair from the sun

Protect your hair while eating!

We know that there are foods that help to tan, but did you know that a good diet could also help protect the hair from the sun? Choose the fish and all the orange fruits and vegetables, rich in carotene.

Love good apricots, melon, carrots, peaches and peppers to give his hair strength and lift the melanin of the skin.

There are also dietary supplements to moisturize from the inside and prevent the effects of the sun on the skin and hair.

For more results and optimal protection for keeping your hair safe from sun, opt for a hat on the hot sand. Good holidays!

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