Your Options to Highlight Dark Chocolate Brown Hair

Dreaming to look as spectacular and stylish as possible, many girls choose highlighting. This method of dyeing is called gentle, but at the same time capable of significantly transforming the hair and adding zest to the image. Highlighting on dark hair has a lot of varieties and exactly the same benefits.

You can visually make the hair thicker and more voluminous, give it radiance, mask gray hair, tint the natural color, and correct appearance defects.

In short, you can do a lot – there would be a desire and desire to learn as much as possible about the highlighting dark chocolate brown hair, ideal for brown-haired women and brunettes.

If you select a palette close to natural, you can get beautiful gradient overflows on curls. Bright, contrasting colors will make the original tone of the hair more expressive is the best way to highlight dark hair at home. If desired, only one zone (the tips or the upper part of the head), a few strands or the entire hair can be marked.


Since its inception, the technology has improved significantly, has gained new advantages. It is chosen by women who want:

  • To add something new to your image, but at the same time not to dye the curls completely;
  • Mask gray hair;
  • Look younger than your age
  • Stand out from the crowd;
  • Make a gradual exit from black;
  • Even remotely approach the dream of becoming a blonde;
  • Emphasize the beauty and expressiveness of the eyes, lips, cheekbones;
  • Use highlighting as a kind of corrector of appearance defects;
  • Leave your natural color unchanged, only slightly shade it;
  • Visually make the hair more well-groomed, voluminous, thick and radiant;
  • Rarely apply for updating the hairstyle, if you choose coloring not from the roots.

Colored on dark hair

Highlight for brown hair is a non-standard solution for extravagant fashionistas. Sometimes it’s enough to dye 1 or 2 strands to make your image original.

highlight dark hair at home

Colors can be very different:

Red highlighting on a brunette in harmony with tanned or fair skin, black curls, brown eyes;

Purple is a good option for girls of a cold color type. It will look beautiful on black hair. You can make a smooth gradient in combination with pink and / or purple. Sometimes only bangs are highlighted with shades of purple;

Pink highlighting has a large number of shades, from pastel and strawberry to fuchsia. Optimal for young dark-haired beauties who seek to emphasize their individuality;

Blue is a bright representative of the cold gamut. Such highlighting on black hair looks stylish: on bangs or individual strands, independently and in company with blue;

White highlighting can be used on black curls for monochrome ombre with a clear or smooth separation of borders, staining in the technique of “salt and pepper”, as well as individual accents.

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