Best Way to Keep Hair Natural

You dreamed of keeping the beautiful hair that you had pregnant, unfortunately, it is far from being the case. Your hair looks sad and you wonder how to give back volume and pep’s. Here are some hair tips for young mother to find a hair in top form.

Offer a new haircut

In the weeks following birth, young mothers are usually tired. Their hair, faithful reflections of their health, also lack of pep. As soon as you feel the energy, make an appointment with your hairdresser to change your head or refresh your cut. Contrary to popular belief, shortening them does not strengthen them. But losing length, they gain in lightness and volume and seem more tonics.

Play care shine and volume

Your hair is dull? Stay zen and give them the care adapted to their needs: volumizers if they are fine and soft, nourishing with a shine effect if they are rather dry. Be aware that in case of oily hair, it is better to apply the products before shampooing to avoid greasing more.

Dare the color

To bring light to a hair tristounette, nothing like coloring. Novices will opt for a fleeting color that fades over shampoos. It hardly changes the color of the hair but gives them very pretty reflections. Those looking for naturalness and volume will choose a scan, to try preferably in the hairdresser because handling, even if the new home coloring kits facilitate their application, is not always obvious.

What to do?

Unfortunately, we cannot prevent a reactional hair loss, which occurs after a body disruption. However, some good hair habits can minimize hair loss. From the first weeks of pregnancy, good actions can strengthen the scalp and prepare it for what is coming.

Brush her hair every day, with a soft-bristled brush like boar hair. Avoid brushes with small plastic balls at all costs.

Massage your scalp from the neck to the forehead to activate the blood circulation.

get healthy hair naturally

Use a good shampoo as well as natural hair strengthening products. Forget the bad quality products. It is recommended a shampoo for hair loss and for density loss that will make hair stronger and more impact resistant.

Wash your hair with warm water and avoid heating styling devices that attack the scalp.

Space the shampoos for at least one day between each.

Consult a dermatologist

Make an appointment with a dermatologist to get healthy hair naturally. He will start by prescribing a blood test to check your iron status, often deficient in young mothers. He will also prescribe a multivitamin treatment for injections.

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