Reason Older Women Have Short Hair

Whether you’re 20 or 50, choosing the haircut that’s right for you is never easy. With age, this choice becomes more and more important because the hair changes texture, loses its pigmentation and begins to fade.

In general, older women have short hair often. But, why this choice?

Here is a simple answer

First of all, this may be due to the changes mentioned above. You age, and with age, your hair is refined and not as beautiful when they are long. As hair stylists say the older you get, the weaker your hair becomes. The tips are damaged, so it is advisable to cut them every eight weeks.

What else?

Another reason, old ladies have short hair, it does not require much maintenance. Long hair must be in good health.

And to do this, women must use a ton of conditioner, but also masks and hair treatments. This can be very difficult for older women, who may not have the strength or the desire to care for them as much.

In addition, some people think that long hair is only for young people, and that older women with long hair look like cougars that do too much, even if it is not necessarily the case.

Have you noticed that old women cut their hair short? Is it because they want or because that is what is expected of them?

From the classic cut to the goblin cut, shorter hairstyles are flattering for mature women, but they should not end in beauty.

People like to see the variety in women in their forties, fifties and older, so here’s why the scar tends to appear at a certain age, plus some alternative options (long hair).


Why do older women cut short hair?

older women have short hair

As you age, your hair ages in many ways. Thus, older women are turning to scissors to shorten their hair and wear a much easier hairstyle to combat the effects of aging and easier to comb in the morning. Here are some ways our hair changes over the years.

He loses some pigment. One of the most obvious signs of aging is that our hair changes color, becoming mostly gray or white. People quickly lose melanin (which gives color to our skin and hair) as you get older and can start to turn gray around age 30.

It changes texture. After years of exposure to environmental damage and hair products, the cuticle cells are weakening, meaning that the hair produced in recent years now looks rougher and more prone to damage.

It becomes thinner. When the pigment is lost, the hair becomes thinner. And as hair regrowth slows down as we get older, women’s hair can quickly move from fullness and thickness to fragility.

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