How Often One Should Get a Haircut

When your lengths are strong, shiny and have a silky touch, only your cut will impact the frequency of hair refreshments and indicate when to get a haircut next.

You have medium to long hair

When your spikes touch your shoulders, go through the scissor box every two months to preserve the structure of the cut and the perfect health of your hair.

With XXL lengths on the other hand, eliminating the tips every 3 to 4 months is usually enough. Unless you have a gradient or fine hair since in these cases, your tips tend to refine, divide in two and spoil faster: an appointment at the hairdresser every 2 to 3 month is then recommended to avoid the forks, manifestation of a degradation of the protective sheath of the hair called cuticle.

You have a short haircut

To maintain your hair short, plan retouching every 4 to 6 weeks depending on the speed of re-growth of your hair because, a short haircut can quickly lose shape and volume. So, wait between haircuts patiently.

when to get a haircut next

You let grow your hair

Even if you are in search of lengths, it does not exempt you from eliminating the spikes regularly quite the opposite! It is essential to cut his hair at least every 4 months at the risk that the forks are installed and go back to your lengths, forcing you to cut everything.

Damaged hair: according to the state of your lengths

This is the moment to listen to the alarm signals sent by your hair to know when it is supposed to cut your hair too often.

When your locks are dull and brittle

Your hair lacks luster, your locks are rough and your length breaks when the comb passes? More doubts, you must get rid of no regrets spikes to cut the forks or mid-lengths to start on a healthy basis.

When your curls lack spring

Your ripples lack of volume and your curls fall even after shampooing? Once care, such as broccoli oil known for its many hair benefits, can no longer manage to shape your curly hair, only a few scissors will redraw your curls.

Cut your hair to the rhythm of the roots to regain its natural color

If after years of coloring, you want to recover your base, you must gradually eliminate the colored parts by cutting the tips as and as the re-growth. The ideal? Every 1 to 2 months since the hair grows about 1 cm per month.

Cut her hair gradually or radically to change color

When the cut occurs during a change of color, your hairdresser recolores in general all of your hair and then eliminates the parts of the locks where the old color is seen in transparency over the re-growth. Opt for a refresh of the tips every 1 to 2 months to overcome it faster.

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